Wemew is...


 KT Ismael : Vocals, Guitar

John Carey : Upright Bass, Guitar, Assorted

Wemew arose from several songs that Ish had been writing over the years. While in sailor college in 2005, Ish met John and really enjoyed playing the songs with him, and so it was decided to record an album.

Musically, wemew skirts the boundaries of folk, country, rock and jazz. Not to be a name-dropper, but if you're a fan of more modern folk, or the 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, you'd probably dig us.

All of the songs are original (save the super secret bonus track cleverly hidden at the back). They attempt to be deeply personal, but not quite whiny; funny, but not a novelty act; simple, but musically interesting; and principled but not quite preachy. It's left to the listeners to determine the degree of success at any and all of these.



Hypothetically Asked Questions


Q: What narrow genre would you pigeonhole yourself into so that we might make up our mind about your music without listening to it?

A: Acoustic-Eclectic Post Ironic Indie Alt-Country Folk Jazz Rock. We sound like what we sound like, and we have a hard time playing the "Randy Newman mixed with the Pet Shop Boys" game.  Some of the stripped down jazz rock of Morphine sometimes? Some attitude and rock snarl of Ani Difranco now and then? Some of the confessional and intimate despair of Elliot Smith perhaps? Stuff like that, we guess.

Q: What's your live show like?

A: Well, its kind of like us playing the songs on the album, and semi-frequently also strange covers like found on the super secret bonus track. I mean, we don't juggle snakes or anything. Well, John can juggle. But snakes aren't very aerodynamic. Ish tends to talk about stuff, and then songs are played.

Q: Who's your favorite Belgian singer-songwriter from the 60's?

A: Jacques Brel, of course, but kind of a limiting category, no?

Q: What does your name mean?

It's a word. It is both traditionally and rotationally palindromic. It sounds neat.

Q: Will you ever play live again?

Certainty is impossible, but it does seem likely. We want to, but are geographically separated for the next little bit whilst arranging our financial affairs. But we play out at various open mics while we are figuring out our respective areas, and will get more involved as soon as we are able.

Q: Who else has been involved in this thing?

Sid Redlin engineered and mixed the first album as well as playing clarinet and T-rex, and has been generally supportive and awesome all along. Jenny Murray provided nearly all of the awesome photography of the band. Charles Riffenburg did the web development, graphic design and logo work.