Website Launch and upcoming news

Greetings and welcome to the new wemew website! 

We're not 100% done here, but it seemed well past time to have something up, so you'll just have to excuse a few changes here and there as we move along. Ultimately everything is a work in progress, anyway.

Having a decent site has been a priority for a while, but because Ish has a modest amount of technical skill (having built dozens of pages in the HTTP 1.1 days, and being moderately proficient even into the CSS days) he's been avoiding it because he thought he should do it his own self. But finally after far too long laying dormant we finally decided it made sense to go to a professional who can whip something beautiful and functional together in a quarter of the time it would require for Ish to do something average, at very reasonable rates. So thanks to Chuck, who did a terrific job for us, and as a freelancer could probably do a terrific job for you as well, so check out his site

The publishing of this site also corresponds with a good deal of other news in the world of wemew, and it seems like a great time to tell you about it.

-- First, we are releasing our first video.  We are very excited about how this has turned out after many long hours of work.  You can check it out at our YouTube channel.
-- Perhaps you've already been tipped off, but we have a YouTube channel. We're hoping to make a few more videos when the time and money presents itself. So check it out, though we will always put an update out here or on Facebook when there is something new to look at. Also, not to bury the lede, but if you didn't know, we are also on Facebook. And Twitter. You can go to the pages by clicking the cute little buttons over there on the right. 
-- There is a new album coming, but it won't be right away. Unfortunately, the Michigan economy has not escaped either of us, and so we will be taking some time to get a little healthier financially before we plunge ahead into the next album. However, if several thousand of you out there wanted to buy an album in CD or MP3 format, we could be persuaded otherwise.
--A naked appeal to commercialism seems like a good segue to let you know that the first album is also available for download on Amazon and iTunes.
-- Look for us to get back into a more regular routine of new releases, new videos, and touring starting next summer 2012. That should leave us several good months before the upcoming end of the world.  
-- In the meantime, Ish will be out in California or other parts of the world sailing, and so will be somewhat unavailable, though he may pop his head in here or there as time permits. John still plays with a number of different projects in Kalamazoo and environs, so get out to see him when you get a chance. He's in an experimental noise jazz-rock band called Boron Nuzzle, which also features friend of the band, Sid Redlin. They will play Louie's in Kalamazoo on October 6th. He's also playing with Pan, a metal group; Parallax, a group still forming, but sure to be excellent; and on occasion he sits in with several other Kzoo area artists. 

Thanks to all of you whose attention, patience, and assistance has helped us along the way. We are hoping to be able to make a bigger thing of this in the future, but thanks to you for keeping it a "thing" of any size.  

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