Statement of Intent

Greetings all.

So I haven't been real good about keeping things updated. I've been working on new projects and new music all the time but I've sucked at telling people about it. And that's the thing, isn't it? Making good music isn't enough.

The new world for musicians is both terrifying and exciting, in the way all good things should be. The old reliance on finding a record label and "making it big" as a dream is dead, mostly, and good riddance. In it's place is a dizzying array of outlets and options to share with the entire world. On the other side, everyone has access to this and so it is very easy to get lost amidst the swirl of all the other things competing for our attention.

So I'll just put it out there directly: I have no idea what I'm doing. I know how to write music and how to play it, and I understand how all of these tools work, I just have no idea what the *right way* is to use them. If there even is a right way. I don't know how to create engagement or build my brand or why I would want to do those things. I just know that I love making music, that I'd like to do more of it, but that will require earning enough to not have to do the other things I do to keep food on my family. And making music only means so much if no one hears it.

So I'm trying to get more involved on here, and let the rest of you into what is going on behind the scenes. Which is quite a bit actually. I've always tended to be too honest for my own good, so there will be good days and bad ones, and I'll try to share it all. I'm trying to keep it a regular conversation, and as such I'm going to shoot for more posts that are shorter rather than the intermittent novels format I've gone with so far. So I'll cut it short here with the announcement and talk more in the next couple days about the things that we are working on as a band, all of which I'm very excited about and some of which I need to get back to doing right now. Because if you build engagement and your brand (whatever that is) but don't actually release anything, that also sucks.

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