More music hidden and a quick update

So, Hi!

I've been on a ship for the last several months and so wasn't paying a lot of attention to the world of Facebooks and Internets, and so just recently noticed that the music had been stored and available for listening on the Facebook page has disappeared, and FB no longer seems to host music. So I'm putting some more tracks up here so you can still hear the songs, as well as adding some other stuff I have laying around.

In more general news, John and I have been working a bit on some new songs which will be released as singles ahead of the new album. The new album should probably show up Summer 2013. Trust me, I know that is too far away, and believe the disappointment is much greater for me. But unfortunately, there are many things to be taken care of before we can really sit down and get the work done. In the meantime, we are trying to create what we can, and when it's done we will happily share with all of you. This should include several more videos from the first album, which are projects I can work on remotely. Anyway, thanks for reading, and start looking out for new stuff this coming summer.


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