A project of interest (perhaps) to keep you busy while Ish is on a boat

Greetings, All!

John here, making a rare appearance on the NEWS page to put in a shameless plug for one of my other musical projects.

In addition to the work Ish and I have been doing on the soon-to-be-released wemew singles, I've also been hard at work with my metal band, Pan (yes, I said metal band. And no, this is not an April Fool's joke). We've just finished recording our debut album entitled Advent, which will be released on the 13th of April to coincide with our first live show in Kalamazoo. I'm sure we'll make the album available in a variety of formats through all the usual channels when the time comes (check back here for updates). Until then, though, your best bet is to come to Louie's Trophy House on the 13th and pick up a copy at the show. If you're interested, check out our facebook and reverbnation pages for more info, live recordings, spooky photos, clever banter, etc. Thanks!

www.facebook.com/pannorth, www.reverbnation.com/pannorth

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