04:36 Download
KT Ismael, John Carey


One of the first songs Ish started writing way back in 2002, somewhere between Romantic and Greatest Fool, but he could never figure out how to make the 2nd verse work properly. Finally got around the finishing the lyrics in 2012 and we figured we might as well record and release it while we're still working on putting the second album together. 



I'm starting to love you and I hate it,
but you're the best I've found
and we lay down in my bed and then we made it,
which i guess is the wrong way roung
and there are a million times we should have waited,
but we just can't stop it
and our breakup gets more and more belated
but it feels like the opposite

and I don't know if this feels right
until I'm back with you
and then we could light up the night
I'm so glad when we lie

and you say, "I don't mind
that you're going away, it's just fine,
I'm tired and it's been a long time,
since I've been alone anyway"
and I smile and be brave and you sigh
I say "I'll see you some other time"
but inside, to tell you the truth I'm terrified

you asked me where we keep the toothpaste
that's how i knew that you'd moved in
I thought I'd left all my doubts at your place
But they keep showing up again
i cant imagine waking up without you
which i guess you might like to know
so i'll just ... I gotta go"

you never told me what you were feeling
I never told you the truth
but we both could hear the words we were stealing
and if you still need proof: we're still here.

we've been together so long its scary
and I don't know what to do
I never that thought that I could feel necessary
and that I might need you too
but i guess it doesn't take much convincing
that we're here to stay
we've only got one set of silverware, who gets it
if someone goes away

who knew before it could end
or I could implode it
that you'd become my best friend